Contract and Supplier Management

Value for money

Contract and supplier management can be a minefield and unless you have the time to do the due diligence, suppliers don’t always deliver as expected.  Underperforming contracts can all too easily become a boardroom issue and be the difference between profits and a loss.

Contracts need to be carefully managed throughout their lifecycle to ensure that they deliver value for money and to reduce the risk that one or more parts of your supply chain could fail.

We have helped companies achieve better results by being clear about what is expected from the contract, how best to procure services and what level of contract management is needed – we ensure everything is completed on the right commercial terms.

How we can help

Our consultants can help with any aspect of contract management, we know the common pitfalls, but are also experienced in negotiating unique, high-value contracts for a wide range of organisations.  We can work alongside existing contract management functions, if you have them, alternatively we can act as your independent agents. To see how we have helped organisations like the MOD, Guardian News & Media and others please read more…

We can:

•  Support complex supplier negotiations
•  Provide training in contract management
•  Undertake audits of existing contracts
•  Measure contract performance against deliverables
•  Audit current governance processes
•  Implement governance structure and processes to ensure effective future contract management

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