Transitioning to a multi-sourcing arrangement

Key things to consider when making a move from a single outsouce provider to a multiple supplier arrangement

In IT and business process outsourcing, the practice of using multiple suppliers – or multi-sourcing – is becoming increasingly popular. Forward thinking organisations seek to leverage best-of-breed capabilities and match specialist service providers to specific business requirements to better meet their needs and drive more value from outsourcing arrangements.


Moving on from big outsourcing

If recent market trends are any indication – there is unlikely to be any reduction in the appetite for outsourcing over the next three years, what is clear however isthat organisations are increasingly valuing different things from their service providers.

It used to be the case that organisations looked to major providers like Accenture or HP/EDS to meet all their Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) and Information Technology Outsourcing (ITO) needs and providing services for less was enough, or so they thought…

Customer Experience CTAM Europe Vienna

Laurence Lewis, Partner, opens up the Customer Experience Session at CTAM Europe in Vienna, Autumn 2012, presenting the challenges for customer experience executives in the content, media and cable telecommunications industries dealing with loyalty and engagement in a world with multiple devices for consuming content with ever increasing demands for better customer service and care.

Achieving a Single Customer View

Whatever the size of your company, a single customer view (SCV) can help you achieve better insight into existing and future customers allowing you to plan campaigns that are more relevant to those that receive them. This increases response rates and the return on your marketing investment.

This paper outlines the choices that organisations are faced with when considering SCV as well as some examples of practical approaches that work.

Innovation Series

Commitment, Leadership, Innovation, Partnership, Trust and Transparency. These proved to be key qualities looked for in the execution of successful government projects. This was the view of a body of senior managers when they came together to debate how to improve, and to sustain improvement for the delivery of government projects in the UK.

In 2011 Consulting Stream held a debate event at the Institute of Directors which examined, explored and tested thoughts, ideas and issues related to the management of government projects in the UK. Entitled, Government Projects – It doesn’t have to be this way! the debating panel was made up of heavyweight talent: senior, seasoned managers with experience of managing a wide variety of complex government projects.

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