Programme Performance Improvement

Realising benefits

All businesses put programmes in place, which end up using more time and resource than intended.  Problems arise when key stakeholders change roles, when resources are reduced or when there are disputes over delivery.

Whether you know what the issues are but don’t have the resource to solve them or don’t know why a programme is failing, our consultants are experienced in getting projects back on track.  We act as change agents who identify and deliver cost savings, and use our best practice experience to turn around failing programmes.

We are a trusted resource that rapidly reviews projects, builds and implements plans that allow progress to be made – quickly and cost effectively.

To see how we improved the performance of projects at BT, The London Evening Standard and others please read more…

How we can help

→  Research

We work with key stakeholders to understand business drivers & project objectives.

→ Rapid diagnosis

Our consultants facilitate discussions with key stakeholders and analyse all available data to understand and identify opportunities for driving efficiencies and areas for performance improvement.

→  Implementation

Using the experience we have gained from managing projects for other organisations, we will make recommendations to deliver quick wins and put together a project plan that highlights what needs to happen in order to deliver longer term sustainable results.

Our consultants re-energise the project team and deliver measurable benefits for both your programme and your business.

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